earshaveearsEars Have Ears is a weekly experimental radio show featuring original soundtracks. 9-11pm Thursday nights on FBi Radio 94.5fm


    Rosalind Hall

    Our soundtrack contributor this week is Melbourne sound artist Rosalind Hall. Hall is a musician, saxophonist and performer who uses sound, improvisation, technology and space as her main mediums.

    Her exclusive 13-minute soundtrack, “The App of my I“, is about the secret world of avatars, disembodied bodies and the Internet field surrounding us. Hall states, “I have made recordings of Internet avatars, typing statements and thoughts into their engines to release their soul in bodily form onto earth and exhume their inner workings. The soundtrack is made up of my manipulated saxophone, processed to make the sounds of the ether: the upper air, the filling of all space, and the interverse: bodies, interfered thoughts and disembodied existence.”

    Catch her soundtrack plus lots more obscure sounds between 9-11pm on Ears Have Ears this Thursday.

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    Lucrecia Dalt Presents ‘Dizzygy - An Alternate Sonic Experience to Syzygy’ plus exclusive Ben Frost interview

    Over the past few months Columbian-born, Barcelona-based singer/songwriter and sound artist Lucrecia Dalt has been creating an exclusive musical work made specially made for Ears Have Ears listeners. Dalt’s unique and striking sound explores atmospheric melodies, textured tones, delicate vocals and unusual electronics. This Thursday night we’ll be airing “Lucrecia Dalt presents Dizzygy - An Alternate Sonic Experience to Syzygy”. Syzygy was Dalt’s third album release - put out through Berlin label Human Ear Music - and was included in our list of Top Experimental Releases for 2013. Dalt has crafted an original 20 minute piece as an alternate toSyzygy which is an arresting listen and not to be missed. 

    In the second hour of the show we’ll be airing an interview with Australian born, Iceland based sound artist Ben Frost. Brooke caught up with Ben recently to discuss his fascinating new album A U R O R A, making music in the war torn Democratic Republic Of Congo and his opera, The Wasp Factory.


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