earshaveearsEars Have Ears is a weekly experimental radio show featuring original soundtracks. 9-11pm Thursday nights on FBi Radio 94.5fm


    John Chantler & Video Ezy

    Big show this week on Ears Have Ears – John Chantler contributes a soundtrack and Video Ezy perform live in the studio!

    Former resident of Brisbane, rural Japan and now based in South London, John Chantler creates immersive soundscapes filled with electronics, electro-acoustics, messy guitars, ambience and noise. Chantler has performed alongside acts like Janek Shaefer, Roberto Crippa and Múm, and has collaborated with the likes of Tenniscoats and Lawrence English. His third solo LP ‘Even Clean Hands Damage The Work‘ is due out next month via ROOM40.

    Chantler has just finished piecing together an original soundtrack for Ears Have Ears listeners called Rushes, which we will air exclusively this Thursday.

    In the second hour, new Sydney duo Video Ezy aka Nina Buchanan and Del Lumata will be performing live in the FBi studio to celebrate our recent announcement of Ears Have Ears Presents #6.

    All this and more for your ears to gorge on this Thursday from 9pm.

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    Catch Gardland on Ears Have Ears this Thursday night playing an exclusive 20 minute improv set, live in the FBi studio! 

    Gardland is an electronic duo comprised of Sydney’s Alex Murray and Mark Smith. The duo create warped interpretations of analogue techo which features off-kilter beats, volatile machine sounds and repetitive chance-based song structures. 

    Their debut LP Syndrome Syndrome was released through New York’s RVNG Intl last year, an album which made it into our list of Top Experimental Releases of 2013. 

    We’ll also be chatting to Gardland about their imprint label Hunter Gatherer, as well as their final Sydney show” on April 12 at The Red Rattler, Marrickville.

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